MORSE Construction Services

Continuing the Tradition of Quality Craftsmanship

My great grand father, Mr. John L. Jones, started hardwood floor maintenance in the early 1930's. This business became the inspiration for future generation hardwood floor men. John's son, Sam Jones, became a hardwood flooring apprentice in 1949 and established his own business -- Sam's Floor Service - in 1961. My uncle Sam was one of the first floor men to successfully lay hardwood flooring over concrete using plywood underlayment. He also became the first black man to work in the local 2144 carpenter's union. I am proud to represent a rich tradition of craftsmanship. Morse Hardwood Floors is a licensed business that is fully insured and bonded. We are a member of the National Wood Flooring Association: keeping abreast of technical training, product knowledge, and industry news.